Cute places in Taichung city -Gong Yuan Ice Cream

This is long enough since the previous one. My bad.

Anyway, like i’ve said i didn’t really go for tourist attractions, here’s some nice places i went this time. My first visit to these places.

宫原眼科冰淇淋 (ice cream at the optical) p/s: self translate lol. they don’t have a english title!









Harry Potter’s library? Hahaha



This place used to be a ophthalmology department in 1920s 30s and was renovated in 2011 became a ice cream and gift shop. Here i found a blog introducing the history of it but it’s in chinese version.

Delicate and graceful interior design. It has the back to 60s kind of feeling with the flowery designed ceiling and woody furniture. Also, those giant bookshelves and brick walls gave a touch of europeanish antique scent. The ice cream stall inside selling tons different flavor of ice cream. There were almost 20 kinds of chocolate flavor ice cream. Just chocolate flavor ok. How crazy that is!!! Sadly i didn’t get to try it because i went there after my lunch. I was too full to have one even it’s so damn seducing!!! I hope i will have them during my next trip! Hahahahaha. Google it!

Anyway, they are also famous with their cookies and cakes. There’s a restaurant at first floor which you probably need to call for reservation.

Definitely a MustGo! 😀

Tsk tsk full of regrets writing this post. I WANT to have the ice creammmmmmmm!!!!!!!!! *scream*



Mad of food.xo


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