End of summer sem!


Yeah!!! Done with my freshman year! Moved into my new place last Sunday. Finally got most of the things done but the house is still a big mess! Anyway, i am excited to stay with my housemates for the coming year.

Enjoying the one-week-holiday before fall semester starts next week! Probably will go on with a sleep-and-eat plan hahaha. Moving out and in was damn exhausted!!!!! I can’t believe that i actually move in and out from one dorm to another dorm for 3 times this year! Puffffff

And I am going to get my schedule for fall this Saturday. If its gonna be packed again, i’m gonna kill!! Last semester was crazy. It was a summer course and i am having classes everyday throughout the weekday. Ugh (rolling eyes) I know it didn’t take long i know i know. But it was too scattered and I can’t hardly plan things to do.

TAYLOR SWIFT gonna end this post!

I found this (pointer down) on FB just now! ♥.♥ geeeeezzzzz. I am not sure if anyone can vote BUT everyone else in UNH PLEASEEEEE vote!!!!!!!!!


ok bye xo.


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