Spring Closet 2017

Here comes the most beautiful season of the year so get ready to bloom! Some of the things to assemble your spring closet:

#1 -The 100th Shades of Pink


#2 – Vintage/floral Embroidery


#3 -Stripes so solid


#4- Puzzle up all the pastels/ the brights





Tainan: Coffee Shop 兩倆

A trip down south- Tainan, Taiwan. December 2016.

Had this coffee shop on my list but I didn’t think that I was going to make it. This place opens at 2pm and I wanted to catch the train after lunch. Apparently, my plan changed yet with not regret. The cheesecake is everything! I haven’t had such a good one in so long because it really is so hard to find the perfect one with the right sweetness, right texture and the right crust! It’s a quiet, small space with a bar and no more than 5 little coffee tables. I could spend my whole evening here. Located in an old and narrow alley where you could so easily missed, second floor. Walk in, you’ll smell coffee and arts.

Coffee #兩倆咖啡

Milk Tea #鬼焙茶牛奶

Homemade Cheesecake #重乳酪起司蛋糕

Homemade cookies (complimentary with drinks) #手工餅乾




Autumn in Portland 

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Portland, Oregon. November 2016. 

“In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.”

Live in the moment. Stop the waiting game, we’re all ready the split second we say we are.

It was an unplanned and totally spontaneous trip. I did not expect myself to be in Portland the very next morning. I was searching for something in life that I can’t reach, it put me in struggle and was dragging me back. I disliked the way I was, unsatisfied with the things I did, everything just doesn’t seems right. I escaped from my reality trying to hide. Not a good idea but a good move. A trip that is full of surprises and inspirations. Maybe sometimes the answer we’re looking for is beyond our sight. Step out there, you find a different you.


Seoul: Hongdae

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October 2016. Seoul, South Korea.

A day in Hongdae 홍대 (Hongik Uni. Station) walking towards Sangsu Station.

Shops and boutiques all along the way. Bargain, yes. But cash only.

W Hand Steak -station exit 3. / Churro 101– Dark chocolate almond churro is da’ bomb! / Gorae Coffee Market– hidden gem in aisle where homemade tiramisu to be found / Kiss the Tiramisu– Again, tiramisu… ice cream! Can I have a second one?